Dive Bars in Dallas

Whether it’s a dark and smoky lair, an old town saloon or a hand-painted haven for punks, a dive bar is a miraculous thing. Especially in Dallas, where the big city lights tend to draw lots of big city folks, dive bars provide that much need low-key atmosphere where no one cares what you’re wearing or what you’re drinking. Most of the dives in Dallas maintain mellow, blue-collar vibes with a slightly gritty blend of country and rock, and easygoing regulars can often be found perched on a bar stool chatting with the bartender and casually welcoming everyone to come through the front door. A couple of the dive bars in Dallas also serve some delicious food, which is a welcome treat in a world where dives are generally liquor-only hangouts. From the best thin crust pizza in the city to massive, freshly prepared burgers, these haunts seem to have a deep understanding of the "alcohol on an empty stomach is bad" rule.

3510 Commerce St Dallas TX 75226
1402 Main St Dallas TX 75202
2615 Commerce St Dallas TX 75226
2720 Elm St Dallas TX 75226
4315 Bryan St Dallas TX 75204
2624 Commerce St Dallas TX 75226
1839 N Henderson Ave Dallas TX 75206
5624 Sears St Dallas TX 75206
1807 Gould St Dallas TX 75215
210 N Crowdus St Dallas TX 75226

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