Billiard Bars in Dallas

Like warm, gooey apple pie is always a favorite addition to any summer barbecue, a round of pool is one of the best ways to up the excitement factor of any nighttime adventure. Billiard bars are made popular by their diverse appeal; at any given moment, wild parties are being had at one end of the bar, while low-key chats over beers among coworkers are going on at the other end. Everyone from young sharks to old novices can be spotted circling a table and eying their next best shot. One of the greatest aspects of most billiards bars is the never-ending supply of cheap drinks. Some places offer a full bar, while others just have beer and wine, but the prices always remain the same. Billiard bars in Dallas are perfect for just about every occasion; and, if there’s any hesitance about whether or not to check one out, just remember this: cheap drinks + a game of pool = a good time. End of story.

1920 Greenville Ave Dallas TX 75206

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