Dallas Featured Nightlife & Local Bars

While mention of the great state of Texas may call to mind images of cowboys, cows and sheriffs on a power trip, Dallas is actually a place where the nightlife scene is just about as hip as anywhere else in the country and you don’t need to know how to wrangle a bull to enjoy it. Twenty-somethings and SMU students have their beer-slamming havens, thirty-somethings have plenty of wine and martini bars, and everyone who has an insatiable appetite for dancing has their pick from plenty of dance clubs that offer every type of music you can move your feet to. Somewhere in the mix you can also find places to hang your hat and ride a mechanical bull, since it just wouldn’t be Texas if there weren’t a mechanical bull involved. And what kind of progressive culture would we be living in if there weren’t a thriving gay scene as well? Big D has a variety of rainbow-happy bars that are wildly popular and pleased to serve everyone from flamboyant boys in pink to gritty babes in leather.
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Adair's Saloon

2624 Commerce St., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.939.9900
It's a little bit of country and a little bit of rock n' roll that make Adair's Saloon come to life as one of the better bars in Dallas. Live country music and great burgers make the dive bar a prime destination for college kids and cowgirls. There's the essential pool table and shuffleboard in the back that get more action on busy nights, but usually Adair's Saloon is a prime Dallas lunch spot due to their half-pound burgers. Snagging a bar stool at the main bar is ideal, but the booths in the back by the pool table allow for better conversation and people walking. Adair's is a little bit of classic Texas wrapped up in one Dallas bar.

Baby Dolls Saloon

10250 Shady Trail, Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.358.5511
There's no place like Texas when it comes to topless clubs, and Dallas takes it to new heights. The beauties at Baby Dolls Saloon not only show off their meat, they serve it too. Ribeye steak and Texas-sized chicken fried steak are some of the classics at the bar, but they also serve up sandwiches, appetizers and burgers hot off the grill. As any proper topless club should, this Dallas bar has a free lunch buffet Monday through Friday, but Baby Dolls Saloon isn't the kind of place to have a business lunch. The best time to head to the club is when sports games are on. The bar has 100 plasma screens to watch the game while enjoying the dancers and appetizers. A full bar also offers a wide selection of beer and wine to make any event that much better, plus the saloon offers a great selection of cigars.

Balcony Club

1825 Abrams Rd., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.826.8104
Easily one of the best jazz clubs in Dallas, the Balcony Club is a romantic live jazz venue that never fails to become completely packed when there is music. Next to the historic Lakewood Theatre, Balcony Club serves up notoriously delicious martinis—try the chocolate martini—to everyone from business people to students. The booths and cocktail tables are a commodity when the intimate club becomes crowded but there can be a reasonable turnover for those who have to stand. A destination in Dallas for a drink at the bar and great jazz, the Balcony Club takes the cake any day.

Bar Belmont

901 Fort Worth Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.393.2300
Situated on a stone precipice in the glamorous Belmont Hotel, the Bar Belmont has a fabulous view if the Dallas skyline as well as a set up that makes for optimal people watching of the upscale patrons in the Dallas bar. The modern décor of the lounge invites all types of folks to saunter in and order a martini and a few appetizers to nibble on. Bar Belmont is a popular place for neighborhood locals or young businesspeople to talk about the day's happenings in comfort. A beautiful terrace gives a great view of the sunset on any given night if staring at the bar back isn't on the agenda. Close enough to downtown to be chic, Bar Belmont is one of the underestimated but always-fabulous Dallas bars.

Barley House

5612 Yale Blvd., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.824.0306
Open every day of the week, the Barley House is Dallas' go-to place for a good time, live music and specials. The bar brings in local Dallas and Texas area bands as well as national touring acts, but the local guys and girls are really the ones to see. When there isn't a band playing live music, bar flies are able to get up and try their hand in front of the crowd crooning karaoke songs or it can just be a kick back night at the bar with great food offered by the adjoining East Side Grill. The low-key nights are the ones to take advantage of the pool table and video games, and with over 60 types of beer on tap, there will always be enough beer to drink at the Dallas bar.

Blend Lounge

3606 B Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.812.9678
The Dallas elite who want to be seen or spend time out of the lay public's eye head to the lounge to mingle with upscale folks and to dance to the live DJ music. Get swept off your feet with the Mediterranean feel of Elegance and Class. You’ll find an intimate VIP Section with white contemporary leather seating positioned on the outskirts of the 5000 square-foot venue and three separate bar sections to service your every need.

Cabaret Royale

10723 Composite Dr., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.350.0303
Dallas knows how to do strip clubs right and Cabaret Royale is a great example. The Texas club offers several different rooms to meet everyone's needs like the Cabaret Room with topless dancers and a full bar. Taking it up a notch, the Fare Room is completely nude but onlookers who need a drink better bring it themselves. The Fare Room also acts as a nightclub with events like '80s dance nights and a service industry night. Private VIP rooms allow the dancers to give more one-on-one attention to the gentlemen while they enjoy a cocktail, cigar and beautiful woman. A full menu is available for those with a hankering for even more meat and sports events are especially fun at the bar. Cabaret Royale covers it all, just how Dallas likes it.

Candle Room

5039 Willis Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.370.4155
Only members are allows into the super elite Candle Room in Dallas, and for good reason. The ultra swanky décor—velvet, leather and fine furniture—are lit by candles and dimmed chandeliers. Young Dallas professionals hold membership to the Candle Room to socialize and network at the bar without having to worry about yelling over dance music or screening out the low-lifes. There are DJs however, who spin house, rock, hip-hop and dance for those that are interested in a little more of a dance club setting. The supermodel-type girls are worth the membership fee, even if it means standing at the bar and watching them.

Chateau Wine Market and Bodega Bar

4515 Travis St., Ste. 101, Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.528.9463
Right off the Knox strip in Dallas the Chateau Wine Bar and Bodega Bar houses one of the largest wine selections in all of Dallas. With over 1,500 wines it's almost impossible to ever try them all—almost. Customers can pop in to just pick up a few bottles or take the newly acquired bottle to the back of the store where a the little Bodega Bar is situated with its atmospheric lighting and personal seating. At the bar, if customers don't want to open their new bottle, wines are available by the glass, half bottle or full bottle along with a limited menu. Thursday nights are the best for the adventurous wine drinking as live music accompanies wine tasting. There's no better way to drink or buy a wine in Dallas than at the Chateau Wine Market and Bodega Bar.

Club Dada

2720 Elm St., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.744.3232
As a well-known Dallas live music venue in Deep Ellum, Club Dada invites all types of performance artists onto the three stages at the bar. Huge bands like the Dixie Chicks and Ben Harper all the way down to local Dallas bands playing their first show have the opportunity to take the stage at Club Dada throughout the week. Depending on the performance, spontaneous dancing may break out and drinking is a given. On top of having a great crowd, staff and music, Club Dada has a 16-track digital and live recording setup that can record performances from the stage. Art in music and visuals are what make the bar a great in Dallas.

Cosmo Restaurant & Bar

1212 Skillman St., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.826.4200
Right in the middle of a Dallas neighborhood, Cosmo Restaurant and Bar is a favorite with locals who can have a short walk to their neighborhood haunt. A fireplace and great mood lighting make the bar a nice place to relax over the signature cosmo in a large glass while listening to hits come one after the other from the jukebox. The trendy Lakewood crowd takes over the bar on nights and weekends with martinis in hand. Come early for prime seating and to munch on decidedly delicious gourmet pizzas that are made when you order.

Curtain Club

2800 Main St., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.742.2336
Part of the Club Clearview Complex, the Curtain Club hosts local Dallas talent on a regular basis and battles for the title of being the best live music club in Texas. The Deep Ellum rock venue has had nationally and worldwide recognized artists perform on its stage and manages to sell out the club on a regular basis. Some of the best bartenders at any live music joint in Dallas tend bar at the Curtain club and sling strong drinks to friendly crowds. The first Friday of the month the Club Clearview Complex offers a Deep Ellum event, Deep Friday, where one cover charge covers live music at eight clubs. These clubs are the best in Dallas and make it a great night out on the town.

Dallas Eagle

2515 Inwood Rd., Ste. 107, Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.357.4375
Nothing goes together better than peanut butter and jelly except Levis and leather. The Dallas Eagle is a bear's gay bar in Dallas, Texas that embraces the bear lifestyle with men donning leather and their jeans to get down—to the music. Unique events that are bear friendly take place at the bar weekly like shirtless night, underwear night, uniform night and the obligatory leather night by Leather Knights. All nights at the Dallas bar have dancing, leather and plenty of delicious bear men for the picking. Keep in mind that Sunday night might be the best at the gay bar with "Blast off." Enter at your own risk.

Dallas Gentlemen's Club

2117 W. Northwest Hwy., Dallas, TX; Tel. 972.869.3376
Elegant and class in a gentlemen's club? Only at Dallas Gentlemen's Club where the strip club looks like a palace and the dancers treat the men like kings. Texas favorites like steak and burgers are served up hot off the grill as well as a variety of appetizers and sandwiches. The bar is fully stocked with cocktails, beer and wine—not that anyone needs drinks to make these women look any better. Although the average business meeting might not be held in a strip club, for those rare occasions where a more exciting venue with nude girls is required in Texas, the Dallas Gentlemen's Club is definitely the place to go.


2818 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.818.0911
As one of the best Irish pubs in Dallas, the Dubliner offers 32 Scotch and Irish whiskeys, ale and cider on tap and numerous beers by the bottle from around the world. On top of all the booze at the bar they also offers authentic Irish pub fare like the Welsh rarebit and typical American pub grub like the club sandwich. There's always plenty of room to sit at with a 30-foot mahogany bar except on St. Patrick's Day when the bar extends its capacity with a tent and several extra bars making the celebration one of the greatest in Dallas. The front patio is a nice place to sit and enjoy a pint while watching traffic go by if it gets to be too much inside with all the Irish energy.

Elm Street Bar

2812 Elm St., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.653.1668
There are cowboys and cowgirls everywhere in Texas, but there's also a huge rocker's scene. The Elm Street Bar is where all the rock 'n' roll types go to play a few games of pool, pop quarters into the juke box and sip a cold one at the bar. Alternative rock brings in all types of Dallas folks from the local college students to the well-seasoned rockers. Local Dallas bands sometimes come in to play live music at the bar in Deep Ellum. Elm Street Bar is the perfect Dallas neighborhood bar to get a weekly does of leopard print and rock.

Escapade 2001

10701 Finnell St., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.654.9950
There's no better place in North Texas to dance the night away to Notenas, cumbias, duranguense and rancheras music than at Escapade 2001. The Mexican nightclub has great bartenders and a hot crowd that love to dance the night away no matter what day of the week it is. Dallas has notoriously beautiful women so it's no surprise that the dance club has a "Ladies Hottest Bikini Contest," but they also give love to the ladies by having a "Men's Best Chest Contest." Amazing drink specials—one dollar well drinks!—and superb events make the Dallas bar and club a great place to get some partying done at.

Gilley's Dallas

1135 S. Lamar St., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.421.2021
The original Gilley's that was in the 1980 movie Urban Cowboy burned down in 1989 but was brought back to life somewhere along the line to again become one of the best country-western bar and dance clubs in Dallas. An enormous dance floor, full service restaurant and even bigger showroom make Gilley's one of the prime locations to host events. Plasma screens throughout, pool, video games and even a mechanical bull make the Dallas bar seem like a neighborhood bar magnified. Cowboys can mosey up to one of the many bars or take their cowgirl to the outside patio for a breath of fresh Texas air. Plan ahead when going to Gilley's because they host everything from country concerts to boxing tournaments.


2718 Boll St., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.754.8771
Taking in the good life is easy at Gingerman where over 70 beers are on tap, fine wine and cigars are offered plus there are fabulous food accompaniments. The Dallas location is the second in he Gingerman chain and has pioneered friendly service for the bar and restaurant. After enjoying a few beers or glasses of wine the menu is a good list to reference with snacks and sandwiches. A "Beer Companion" plate offers mixed cheeses, salami, olives, pickles, fresh fruit and a sliced baguette that can be enjoyed in the beer garden, or for those who need a little more, try the bratwurst sandwich. There's no way to go wrong at the Dallas location of Gingerman's with their great food and bar.

Grapevine Bar

3902 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.522.8466
There aren't many bars in Dallas, or any where for that matter, that can say they have a full size basketball court out back behind the patio. That's the kind of bar Grapevine Bar is, though. Everyone from yuppie lawyers to the local gay and lesbian crowd flood the bar on any given night. Not that the Dallas pub is a gay bar, more like a widely accepting bar that allows everyone to get together and hang out without judging. A huge pool table and two bars keep people busy, but the Grapevine is often just the last stop of the night before heading home. Great bartenders and the eclectic Dallas crowd make the bar a great place to go just to people watch and enjoy the atmosphere.

JR's Bar & Grill

3923 Cedar Springs Rd., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.528.1004
Old meets new—décor that is—in JR's Bar and Grill where Dallas gays and lesbians congregate to chow on pub grub and dance like there's no tomorrow. Each night has its own unique theme like Monday's "Queer Factor"—an eating contest—or the Tuesday and Thursday drag show. Pool tables and wireless internet are available for those who aren't feeling the bar vibe, but there's a lot to be felt. The multi-level Dallas bar and restaurant has plenty of places to hang out and people watch with a cocktail in hand. Regardless of orientation, the bar is a friendly place to make your neighborhood bar.

July Alley

8019 Forest Trail, Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.747.2809
One of Dallas' hottest nightlife scenes in Deep Ellum has plenty of bars to choose from, but July Alley is one of the local Dallas folk's favorites. The alternative looking bartenders sling drinks that are exceptionally cheap during the Monday to Friday happy hours. TVs, billiards, a jukebox and poker games provide hours of entertainment at the bar for those who like to participate in more activity than just raising a beer to their lips. There are eight beers on tap and over 50 by the bottle as well as a wide liquor selection at the bar. Dallas locals flock to July Alley throughout the year, not just in July.

Kismet Lounge

3707 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.823.8883
Every night at Kismet Lounge ladies get in free to dance and drink at the bar and club. The Turkish décor of the club—supple folds of red material lining the walls lit by gold—make the relaxing lounge a classy place to sip a martini or enjoy a hookah. The weekly food, drink and hookah specials at the bar make Kismet Lounge worth a visit during the week to get away from the humdrum of downtown Dallas life. The best night for dancing is on Friday when a live DJ pumps out the tunes for Dallas singles to mingle. Try a mojito or a Turkish martini to liven up the night.


2012 W. Northwest Hwy., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.696.8958
Men with rippling stomachs who are more tanned than Pamela Anderson are the main attraction at LaBare. The men are there every night though, what really makes it a good night is the Dallas club's Wacky Wednesday specials with free cover, 49 cent well drinks and 99 cent domestic beers. Can't forget the five-dollar table dances! On a Wednesday night the ladies can get out of the club with full pockets, a good buzz and enough naked man to last them a week! There are other events that draw a crowd like the Thursday Amateur Night, Friday Happy Hour and Saturday Night Party. Each night offers drink specials in the strip club. LaBare is the perfect place for a bachelorette party or a girls' night out in Dallas.

Lakewood's 1st & 10 Sports Bar

6465 E. Mockingbird Ln., Ste. 316, Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.828.0055
When it's time for a Mavericks or Cowboys game, locals know to head over to the Eastside of Dallas in the Hillside neighborhood to catch the game at Lakewood's. The sports bar isn't glamorous but that makes it all the better to watch sports, swig beers and buy ribs by the pound. If sports fans aren't in the mood for a slab of meat with their pitcher of beer from the bar, Lakewood's also offers nachos, burgers, sandwiches and an array of fried Dallas favorites. Grab a seat in the corner and cozy up with a pitcher and chicken wings to settle in at the sports bar for a game.

Libertine Bar

2101 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.824.7900
Those that don't want to be in a bar with more colorful sugary cocktails that they can count on one hand have found their home at Libertine Bar. The shotgun style bar has rows of booths overlooking the Dallas club scene and a bar that runs the length of the room. Serving up Texas pub grub along with some updated choices, the bar specializes in ales and vintage cocktails. The Lower Greenville location is popular and ideal for those that like to kick it in a classy part of Dallas without having to deal with outsiders.

Library Bar

3015 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.224.3144
There's no better place in Dallas than the Library Bar at The Melrose Hotel, Dallas to meet for business or to impress someone. Black leather couches, dark wood paneling and walls of library books create the sophisticated atmosphere of the lounge. The Landmark restaurant across the way in the hotel also provides appetizers, sandwiches and salads to the Library Bar making it an appropriate place to dine during a business or social lunch. Nightly entertainment takes over after the weekly 5pm to 7pm cocktail hour, perfect for the Dallas businesspeople.


1839 N. Henderson Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.826.0505
The best thin crust pizza in Dallas is hidden away at this dark dive bar where those who are a big deal try to not be a big deal. The menu has typical bar fare plus their famous pizza and some pastas—and of course plenty of cold beer, but only by the bottle. Regulars sit at the bar chatting with the bartender while others choose to dine at the tables and booths. A tin ceiling and terracotta make the whole scene feel like something out of a movie about cowboys. Leave your spurs and 10-gallon hat at home though, before you mosey over to Louie's.

McKinney Avenue Tavern

2822 McKinney Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.969.1984
When there's a Texas game on, McKinney Avenue Tavern fills up with local Dallas Uptowners looking to watch the game while getting a bite to eat and a drink at the bar. American bar food like appetizers, burgers and sandwiches are served up hot from the kitchen to keep sports fans fat and happy. Happy hours take off the sting of the price for drinks but food—like a platter of cheese sticks, jalapeno poppers, buffalo wings and chicken strips for four people—still has to be paid for. Good, friendly service at the bar, over 30 televisions and an outside patio can easily accommodate even the most fervent Dallas sports fans.

Muddy Waters

4314 Live Oak St., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.823.1518
The Muddy Waters blues club is an institution; setting a precedent in the area of good music without having to pay through the nose for it. Some of the best blues artists in Dallas stop by Muddy Waters to enjoy a beer or to take the stage for an impromptu jam session. Up and coming Dallas rock bands also have had their fare share of time on the bar's stage as well. Muddy Waters is unpretentious and has friendly Dallas service. The club is a great place to take a first date or a friend for an enjoyable night out.

Poor David's Pub

1313 S. Lamar St., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.565.1295
Located down the street from Gilley's Dallas, Poor David's Pub is another well-known bar to see live music in Dallas. The bar and club has been supporting the local music scene since 1977 giving up-and-coming artists the chance to put their talent on display. The Dixie Chicks made their nightclub debut at Poor David's Pub and have gone on to far bigger venues all over the world. Friendly service at the bar and respectful Dallas folks fill the bar for shows and make the venue feel just as great a place as it was in 1977.

Press Box Grill

1623 Elm St., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.747.8226
American fare and cold beer go together like bread and butter at the Press Box Grill in Downtown Dallas. Everybody from white to blue-collared workers feel comfortable at the bar after work to grad a burger and a drink before heading home or spending the night out on the town. The historic building that houses the Press Box Grill has dark wood and a newspaper motif that light up with the sun that shines through the bar's windows. Items on the menu are all under 13 dollars and are hearty portions of salads, sandwiches, burgers, steak and chicken entrees. The Press Box is the quintessential neighborhood bar with good food and good drinks every night of the week.

Pub Pegasus

3326 N. Fitzhugh Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.559.4663
Red bar stools surround a bar in the middle of a dark room and the only thing that sets Pub Pegasus apart from any ol' neighborhood bar is the shirtless male bartender serving an all male crowd. The gay bar has a low-key atmosphere on most nights with a rocking jukebox and pool tables to give the guys something to do. There is no glamorous disco at Pub Pegasus but the music is still good and the neighborhood gay bar brings in friendly faces and new ones all the time. The crowd is mostly middle-aged but they know how to get their drink on nonetheless.

Round-Up Saloon

3912 Cedar Springs Rd., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.522.9611
Six different themed bar areas have been rounded up to make up the gay and lesbian friendly Round-Up Saloon. Victorian décor makes the daytime Parlor Bar a comfortable place to sip one of the 25 martinis on the menu or stick around into the night when the Parlor becomes a karaoke bar Sunday through Thursday nights. Real Dallas cowboys saunter to the Tool Shed Bar that features two full bar stations and authentic Western tool shed decorations. The bar connects to the covered Chute 5 Patio Bar with several pool tables and video screens plus free peanuts! Chute 5 is a nice break from the other higher energy bars like the Lonestar Bar in the main dance hall, The Horseshoe Bar—shaped like a horseshoe—and the Tequila Shack with over 40 premium tequilas. The hottest gay cowboys in Dallas converge at the Round-Up Saloon, so hop into those leather chaps and giddy up.

Service Bar

1919 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.824.8599
Tourists and college students mingle with Dallas locals at the Service Bar over drinks and entertainment. The front part of the long bar has karaoke where drinkers bring their shower voices to croon for the crowd while others prefer to enjoy the darts, billiards and video games. The full bar runs the length of the location that spills into a back patio where folks socialize in the Dallas night air. Outside, murals from Dallas artists decorate the patio and add color to the environment. Friendly service—the name must mean something, after all—and a good mix of people from everywhere make the bar a great place to grab a drink.

Stan's Blue Note: Texas Taphouse & Grill

2908 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 2124.827.1977
The full bar at Stan's Blue Note is more colorful and exciting on the inside than one would be able to guess from the bland outside. Black bar stools line the bar with bras hanging from the ceiling overhead due to the Dallas bar's popularity with bachelorette parties. Two patios extend the space to fit everyone in during Cowboys games when Stan's Blue Note becomes one of the most happening sports bars on lower Greenville. A pool table, TV screens and jukebox provide plenty of entertainment when the bar is slow, but it's a rare day when something isn't happening at Stan's.

Stroker's Icehouse Bar and Grill

9304 Harry Hines Blvd., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214. 351.5252
Bikinis, burgers and bikers make Stroker's Icehouse Bar and Grill one of the best biker hangouts in Dallas. The Grill serves up sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs with creative biker names like "Rat's Good Ole Hot Dog" or "Bigun Burger." Live music on the weekends tops the week off for the Dallas bikers who spend the week at the bar with theme nights like lingerie night or bikini night while playing pool and getting beers at the bar. Texas Hold 'Em tournaments are held on Mondays and Wednesdays so bikers can win enough money at the bar to head next door to Stroker's Dallas bike shop and buy a new chopper. Well maybe not that much, but it's worth a try when it comes with lovely biker ladies.

Suede Bar & Grill

2008 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.828.1144
Unfortunately, despite what the name may denote, the Suede Bar and Grill doesn't mean that it's full of cowboys and cowgirls in suede chaps. Instead the suede in this Greenville bar and grill is the curtains that open onto the club. A DJ spinning hot dance and party music looks over the dance floor of attractive Dallas singles dancing and mingling over martinis. Other suede furniture like a bench running the length of the room balance the copper-colored metal bar that adds an ultra-modern vibe. Including even more dead animals into the mix—because the huge curtains and upholstery wasn't enough—several mounted animal heads.

Sugar Shack

1909 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.826.4500
Three words, or because one is hyphenated, tow words: Tie-dyed couches. That's right, pastel tie-dyed chairs and couches fill the Sugar Shack, a consciously eclectic kitschy bar. It's a little bit sports bar and a little bit Vegas all rolled into one and shaken, not stirred. There are cocktail tables, a full bar and TVs throughout the bar for sitting down and having a drink or just standing around and mingling. The back room of the bar is a game room with a pool table and video games. The best nights to go to the Dallas bar are when there are DJs filling the Sugar Shack with top 40s, hip-hop and rock. Don't overlook the specialty drink, a 64-ounce fishbowl filled with one of three flavors. Made for six, but makes a better night if finished by two.

Teddy's Room

2404 Cedar Springs Rd., Ste. 400, Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.855.0202
The sophisticated lounge pays homage to Teddy Roosevelt with American flags and deer mounts amidst red walls and black furniture. While still your typical lounge, it has a one-up on the others: a live burlesque show. The one-girl show takes the crowd to a stand-still, and for a moment you think you're in Vegas.

The City Tavern

1402 Main St., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.698.8550
It can be a little overwhelming having to decide what to eat or drink at City Tavern with so many beer, wine and menu options. The good news is that the service is friendly and can help make the decision easier… or why not just get one of everything? When there isn't live rock or country at The City Tavern, the TVs take away the attention with Dallas Cowboys, the Rockets or another sports game on. The antique jukebox is also a main attraction at the Dallas bar that welcomes everyone. After work, local Dallas folks come to the bar for a drink and a bite to eat before a rowdier crowd takes over in the evening. Both crowds make The City Tavern worth a visit to see what the best bar in Dallas should be like.

The Cock & Bull Neighborhood Pub

6330 Gaston Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.841.9111
A classic pub atmosphere with far more light make The Cock and Bull Neighborhood Pub a favorite with Dallas locals. Serving up the perfect pint and some of the best bar food in Dallas, the pub has an excellent beer selection and an eclectic selection foods to compliment them all. Daily dishes and drink specials keep the Dallas crowd coming back. The Cock and Bull also offers free Wi-Fi so customers can get a beer, burger and some studying in at the bar. A full wine list also lets the The Cock and Bull make the claim of being a wine bar and they offer a cheese plate that goes along with a fine wine. Try the bratwurst or the daily special with a cold pint to really feel satisfied.

The Door

2513 Main St, Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.742.3667
Forget a rock club that promotes sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, The Door is Dallas' Deep Ellum rock club that mixes Christian faith with music and arts. That doesn't mean a fat bearded with his arms raised to the sky singing hymns, either. It does mean that local Dallas and nationally touring Christian hardcore, metal and rock bands take the stage at The Door in front of an all-ages crowd. There's no reason for a bar as the venue promotes abstinence from alcohol and drugs—and yeah—that includes smoking. The sets are usually pretty shorts at about 20 minutes each that allows four or five bands to play each night. When there's not a black-clad Christian band screaming into the mic, the club eases up and may book comedy or theater performances for the kiddies.

The Double Wide

3510 Commerce St., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.887.6510
The bar at The Double Wide has a specialty: domestic beer in cans. It would be ridiculous to go to the Dallas live music venue and try to order one of the specialty martinis offered in over-the-top downtown Dallas night clubs. No, The Double Wide is the bar to go to when beer in a can and good rock are what's on the agenda. Texas pride glares at the audience with flags hanging from the wood paneling of the bar trying to be white trash on purpose. Cheesy décor might be the catch at the bar, but with an awesome Deep Ellum location it's easy to see right through the fake white trashiness and go to The Double Wide for a rockin' night.

The Lodge, A Club for Men

10530 Spangler Rd., Dallas, TX; Tel. 972.506.9229
Touted as the best strip club in Dallas, The Lodge can meet anyone's needs from the businessman to the party guy. Several rooms provide a luxury setting for beautiful dancers to entertain while customers can visit one of several bars. A wine cellar and humidor offer fine wines and cigars and The Trophy Room's leopard-patterned carpet makes a sultry setting for Dallas strippers. A top of the line kitchen prepares steakhouse favorites and Tex-Mex cuisine for reasonable prices to go along with cigars, wine or one of the rare cognacs on the menu. To top it off, a business center in the club offers free copies, coffee and fax services along with free Wi-fi internet. The Lodge in Dallas has all needs covered so there's no excuse not to try out the strip club and bar.

The Old Monk

2847 N. Henderson Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.821.1880
The historic area of Henderson Avenue is the perfect place for The Old Monk, an Irish pub that only feels old. Night brings a wild bunch to the area that has a slower moving crowd of antique shoppers during the day. Much of the bar's décor is actually antique including the lights from a Pennsylvania monastery and the back bar from a British chemist's shop. The Old Monk may not be old enough to have ghosts, but it still is a great bar to go to after work for an awesome selection of beers. The outdoor bar is cigar and pipe friendly, a nice way to sit and enjoy the Dallas night air. While at The Old Monk there is a menu of Irish pub food that is authentically Irish and the highest quality. To get a little more green in the blood, The Old Monk can do the trick.

The Wild Turkey

2470 Walnut Hill Ln., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.351.5383
Sports game watching can get pretty wild in The Wild Turkey thanks to the friendly and excited sports fans. Dallas Cowboys, Mavericks and Stars are great games to watch on the many TVs while enjoying a selection from the full menu in the dining area or a drink at the bar. Sports fans that need more action can get a game of pool, Golden tee or another video game going. Happy hours are a great time to stop by the Dallas bar with food and drink items at about half-price, even if there isn't a game on. The bar has amazing food and people making The Wild Turkey a great place in Dallas to enjoy a sports game or the night.

Time Out Tavern

5101 W. Lovers Ln., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.956.9552
Mostly locals hang out at this Dallas neighborhood sports bar. The Time Out Tavern has no food but plenty of beer choices to make it a great place to meet before and after sports games. Dallas Cowboys games are particularly popular at the bar and it gets packed well before the game begins with peanuts, Cheetos or pork rinds as the only sustenance. If there aren't sports on TV, the bar still has shuffleboard and pool for drinkers with a competitive streak. The Time Out Tavern is just the place for a night of excitement or just to kick back.

Times Ten Cellars

6324 Prospect Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.824.9463
In a location that used to be the Lakewood post office, Times Ten Cellar has made their mark by being a relaxed yet hip place to sample Texas wines made from California grapes on the premises. The winery also grows their own grapes in Alpine, Texas to make into wine in the facility. A beautiful tasting room or a quaint patio are the perfect places to kick back and enjoy wine by the glass or bottle. Times Ten Cellars also offers snacks like various spreads, cheeses or fruits with crackers and bread to perk up wine drinkers. There's nothing like enjoying a fine California wine in Dallas.
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