Dive Bars in Dallas

Whether it’s a dark and smoky lair, an old town saloon or a hand-painted haven for punks, a dive bar is a miraculous thing. Especially in Dallas, where the big city lights tend to draw lots of big city folks, dive bars provide that much need low-key atmosphere where no one cares what you’re wearing or what you’re drinking. Most of the dives in Dallas maintain mellow, blue-collar vibes with a slightly gritty blend of country and rock, and easygoing regulars can often be found perched on a bar stool chatting with the bartender and casually welcoming everyone to come through the front door. A couple of the dive bars in Dallas also serve some delicious food, which is a welcome treat in a world where dives are generally liquor-only hangouts. From the best thin crust pizza in the city to massive, freshly prepared burgers, these haunts seem to have a deep understanding of the "alcohol on an empty stomach is bad" rule.

2615 Commerce St Dallas TX 75226
(214) 741-7668
1402 Main St Dallas TX 75202
(214) 698-8550
2720 Elm St Dallas TX 75226
(214) 744-3232
2624 Commerce St Dallas TX 75226
(214) 939-9900
5624 Sears St Dallas TX 75206
(469) 500-0139
1807 Gould St Dallas TX 75215
(214) 428-1555
3902 Maple Ave Dallas TX 75219
(214) 522-8466
4315 Bryan St Dallas TX 75204
(214) 821-4447
3510 Commerce St Dallas TX 75226
(214) 887-6510
1839 N Henderson Ave Dallas TX 75206
(214) 826-0505

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