Dallas Sports Bars

In the great tradition of Texan pride, there are millions of rabid sports fans in Dallas and more than enough sports bars to entertain them all. All over the city, sports fans can find places to enjoy amazing food, even more amazing drinks and some of the biggest televisions broadcasting every game. Everyone from blue-collared workers to stockbrokers can be spotted at places like Frankie’s Sports Bar, which has an enormous TV and a projection screen, or McKinney Avenue Tavern, which has over 30 televisions and delicious Buffalo wings. Regulars tend to haunt places like Bailey’s 1st & 10 Sports Bar, where the décor may not be much, but the beers are cold and tasty ribs are bought and served by the pound. Since it’s no secret that sports fans can get a little over-zealous sometimes, especially when it comes to drinking in celebration (or worse yet, drinking in devastation), a couple of Dallas sports bars even serve brunches that are designed to nurse hangovers and please tummies.
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Frankie's Sports Bar

3227 McKinney Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.999.8932
For a life size view of the Dallas Cowboys and other athletes, Frankie's Sports Bar will hook it up with their enormous television and projection screens. The hip neighborhood hangout has almost every sporting event—the bar certainly has enough TVs to entertain them all—from all over the nation. True sports fans can even bring their laptops to use the free Wi-Fi and look up information about their Dallas, Texas teams. Frankie's offers great happy hour deals—free pizza on Tuesday nights—plus other fun activities like video games, pool and more. Also, don't forget to stop by for the sports bar's awesome Sunday brunch with everything from Quarterback Scramblers to Darryl Strawberry Waffles. Even your Sunday morning hangover will say, "Yum."

Lakewood's 1st & 10 Sports Bar

6465 E. Mockingbird Ln., Ste. 316, Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.828.0055
When it's time for a Mavericks or Cowboys game, locals know to head over to the Eastside of Dallas in the Hillside neighborhood to catch the game at Lakewood's. The sports bar isn't glamorous but that makes it all the better to watch sports, swig beers and buy ribs by the pound. If sports fans aren't in the mood for a slab of meat with their pitcher of beer from the bar, Lakewood's also offers nachos, burgers, sandwiches and an array of fried Dallas favorites. Grab a seat in the corner and cozy up with a pitcher and chicken wings to settle in at the sports bar for a game.

McKinney Avenue Tavern

2822 McKinney Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.969.1984
When there's a Texas game on, McKinney Avenue Tavern fills up with local Dallas Uptowners looking to watch the game while getting a bite to eat and a drink at the bar. American bar food like appetizers, burgers and sandwiches are served up hot from the kitchen to keep sports fans fat and happy. Happy hours take off the sting of the price for drinks but food—like a platter of cheese sticks, jalapeno poppers, buffalo wings and chicken strips for four people—still has to be paid for. Good, friendly service at the bar, over 30 televisions and an outside patio can easily accommodate even the most fervent Dallas sports fans.

Press Box Grill

1623 Elm St., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.747.8226
American fare and cold beer go together like bread and butter at the Press Box Grill in Downtown Dallas. Everybody from white to blue-collared workers feel comfortable at the bar after work to grad a burger and a drink before heading home or spending the night out on the town. The historic building that houses the Press Box Grill has dark wood and a newspaper motif that light up with the sun that shines through the bar's windows. Items on the menu are all under 13 dollars and are hearty portions of salads, sandwiches, burgers, steak and chicken entrees. The Press Box is the quintessential neighborhood bar with good food and good drinks every night of the week.

Stan's Blue Note: Texas Taphouse & Grill

2908 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX; Tel. 2124.827.1977
The full bar at Stan's Blue Note is more colorful and exciting on the inside than one would be able to guess from the bland outside. Black bar stools line the bar with bras hanging from the ceiling overhead due to the Dallas bar's popularity with bachelorette parties. Two patios extend the space to fit everyone in during Cowboys games when Stan's Blue Note becomes one of the most happening sports bars on lower Greenville. A pool table, TV screens and jukebox provide plenty of entertainment when the bar is slow, but it's a rare day when something isn't happening at Stan's.

The Wild Turkey

2470 Walnut Hill Ln., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.351.5383
Sports game watching can get pretty wild in The Wild Turkey thanks to the friendly and excited sports fans. Dallas Cowboys, Mavericks and Stars are great games to watch on the many TVs while enjoying a selection from the full menu in the dining area or a drink at the bar. Sports fans that need more action can get a game of pool, Golden tee or another video game going. Happy hours are a great time to stop by the Dallas bar with food and drink items at about half-price, even if there isn't a game on. The bar has amazing food and people making The Wild Turkey a great place in Dallas to enjoy a sports game or the night.

Time Out Tavern

5101 W. Lovers Ln., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.956.9552
Mostly locals hang out at this Dallas neighborhood sports bar. The Time Out Tavern has no food but plenty of beer choices to make it a great place to meet before and after sports games. Dallas Cowboys games are particularly popular at the bar and it gets packed well before the game begins with peanuts, Cheetos or pork rinds as the only sustenance. If there aren't sports on TV, the bar still has shuffleboard and pool for drinkers with a competitive streak. The Time Out Tavern is just the place for a night of excitement or just to kick back.
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—Dallas bar and club reviews by Alanna Lee