Dallas Blues & Jazz Clubs

Since the 1920ís, when the Deep Ellum neighborhood was a Mecca for musicians, jazz and blues have been the staples of great music in Dallas. In addition to the old haunts where many amazing artists of the '40s and '50s got their start, Dallas offers some amazing modern locations for taking in a live performance. Nothing is sexier or more romantic than a live jazz den where soulful notes seduce martini-sipping patrons, and the tangible grit and raw passion of live blues is impossible not to love. Unpretentious, music-loving haunts like Muddy Waters are also popular for local artists looking for exposure. Dallasí jazz and blues bars honestly reflect the passionate music scene of Texas, offering incredible performances by some of the best artists in the country.
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Balcony Club

1825 Abrams Rd., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.826.8104
Easily one of the best jazz clubs in Dallas, the Balcony Club is a romantic live jazz venue that never fails to become completely packed when there is music. Next to the historic Lakewood Theatre, Balcony Club serves up notoriously delicious martinis—try the chocolate martini—to everyone from business people to students. The booths and cocktail tables are a commodity when the intimate club becomes crowded but there can be a reasonable turnover for those who have to stand. A destination in Dallas for a drink at the bar and great jazz, the Balcony Club takes the cake any day.

Muddy Waters

4314 Live Oak St., Dallas, TX; Tel. 214.823.1518
The Muddy Waters blues club is an institution; setting a precedent in the area of good music without having to pay through the nose for it. Some of the best blues artists in Dallas stop by Muddy Waters to enjoy a beer or to take the stage for an impromptu jam session. Up and coming Dallas rock bands also have had their fare share of time on the bar's stage as well. Muddy Waters is unpretentious and has friendly Dallas service. The club is a great place to take a first date or a friend for an enjoyable night out.
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—Dallas bar and club reviews by Alanna Lee