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Scenes from East & South Dallas
SunsetTAILS - N711HK DS6_6369 2017_08_25 SWA B737-7H4 N711HK 'The Herbert D Kelleher'  _KDAL TX 00TAILS - N781WN DS6_7043 2017_09_07 SWA B737-7H4 N781WN 'New Mexico One'  _KDAL TX 00TAILS - N918WN DS6_7182 2017_09_10 SWA B737-7H4 N918WN 'Illinois One'  _KDAL TX 00TAILS - N931WN DS6_5299 DS6_9593 2017_07_18 SWA B737-7H4 N931WN 'Lone Star One'  _KDAL TX 00N383SW DS6_7307 2017_09_12 SWA B737-3H4 N383SW 'Arizona One'  _KDAL TX 00

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