Even though Austin still totes the title of the "Live Music Capital of the World," it seems that Dallas might soon be challenging the heavyweight champ for bragging rights. The live music scene in Dallas has erupted in the last few years, putting Big D on the map as a serious live music city. Though blues and country have long been the leaders of Texas-born live music, Dallas’ local bands are starting to spice up the scene with some variety, bringing to the stage everything from psychedelic funk to smooth jazz. Offensive metal bands and classic rock devotees are making the city deaf one show at a time, while mariachi bands are popping up like wildflowers with their strangely addictive tunes. Even cover bands and crunchy acoustic folk artists can be found attracting huge crowds at a Dallas music bar. Dallas local bands on Dallas.com and check the free for a show tonight.

1333 S St, Augustine Dr. Dallas TX 75217
(469) 441-7304
6012 TIMBER CREEK LANE Dallas TX 75248
(972) 267-8474
805 S Jefferson St Irving TX 75060
(972) 979-8750

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