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Nothing is so good like teach kids bjj  principal when your students is your grandson, yes this is priceless ! Reid you did one of my dreams come true . I had my son , my daughter and now my grandson in my class , thanks God for always listen my prays !!!I AM CAVALCANTI #iambusybeingstronger #sonsofcavalcantidallas #iamcavalcanti #ricardocavalcantibjjfederationAnother great time teaching kids and adults bjj class , at Rodriguez ATA martial arts academy .#ricardocavalcantijiujitsudallas #iamcavalcanti #sonsofcavalcantidallasGreat training with Rodriguez ATA martial arts students , thank you all for the attention and hospitality, I love Dallas #sonsofcavalcantidallas #iamcavalcanti #ricardocavalcantijiujitsudallas #ricardocavalcantibjjinternationalassociationThis is true !!! #ricardocavalcantibjjseminarstour2017 #ricardocavalcantibjjinternationalassociation #renzogracielasvegasKids JIU-JITSU class was great and fun , after spring break a lot students on the mat today , Dallas Jiu-Jitsu !!!#ricardocavalcantijiujitsudallas #iamcavalcanti #sonsofcavalcantidallasWhat I see when I'm at work. @tlee212  is such a beautiful bride. I'm so honored I was the one who photographed your wedding, sis. I love you so much. Love, brother.

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